Economic Development

What Does It Take to Make a Community Competitive?

Every community has its own unique advantages and challenges. Uncovering what sets the community apart and determining how this should positioned to attract new investment is at the core of our process. Greyhill works with communities on a range of economic development projects, utilizing our experience as site selection consultants. We develop and implement strategies to increase economic growth, attract new investment, and increase a community’s competitiveness.

Greyhill provides both comprehensive economic development planning and an array of customized research and analysis services for our clients: 

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies (CEDS): A strong and sustainable development plan builds on a community’s natural advantages while simultaneously establishing consensus among businesses and community leaders. Greyhill’s approach to economic development planning strives to be both visionary and detailed, with big strategic ideas and achievable next steps.

Our planning initiatives involve four phases, however, the activities and findings within each vary based on the unique needs of the communities and clients we work with:

Economic Development Strategy Process:

  • Assessment
  • Targeting
  • Strategy Development
  • Implementation

Research & Analysis: Greyhill partners are experts in evaluating economic potential and assessing regional strengths and weaknesses. We take a rigorous analytical approach and bring a deep database of information for comparisons between current economic composition and industry needs. We perform customized analysis in the following areas as part of our strategic planning efforts or on a standalone basis to meet specific client needs.

Services include: 
  • Cluster Development
    • Cluster Analysis
    • Supply Chain Analysis and Mapping
  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Competitive Assesments
    • Community Benchmarking
    • Reverse Site Selection