Reverse Site Selection

Greyhill is able to utilize its experience as site selection consultants to perform a detailed assessment to analyze the region’s preparedness and competitiveness to attract companies in select target industries. We have expertise in representing companies’ in their site location searches in a variety of industries including renewable energy, technology, corporate headquarters, advanced manufacturing, and transportation. This experience and core competency, as well as significant knowledge of local real estate market conditions, is brought to bear in this assessment.
Factors to be assessed include:

  • Inventory available buildings and land
  • Rate quality of commercial/office/industrial stock versus needs of relocating businesses in target industries
  • Review business costs compared to benchmark communities
  • Assess quality/availability of incentives
  • Assess infrastructure/utilities including:
    • transportation networks (road, rail, air)
    • site served water/wastewater, electricity, telecomm
    • utility rates
  • Review entitlement process and permitting
  • Labor quality and availability
  • Review marketing, promotional, and public relations efforts to target corporate site selectors, executives in target business sectors, and other targeted audiences.
  • Review of website, collateral, electronic newsletters, advertising campaigns and other vehicles employed to reach the target audience.

Our site selection review will be comparative and will a community to a select group of peer communities. We work with communities to generate proposal responses to “mock RFPs” that are customized for a typical company in the community’s target industries. Greyhill will review the community’s response, rate its effectiveness and provide feedback into areas that should be improved.