About Us

Integrity. Independence. Imagination.

Greyhill combines rigorous, analytical thinking with freer, right-brain creative thinking. Our approach is supported by extensive experience in site selection and economic development. Greyhill partners and associates bring in-depth industry knowledge and a breadth of experience in strategic consulting to deliver thoughtful, fact-supported solutions that challenge conventional wisdom and avoid rehashing what’s already known.

Innovative Ideas on Both Sides of the Equation

Greyhill works for both communities seeking economic development and for businesses seeking new communities to expand into. This gives us a holistic and comprehensive understanding of the marketplace. Greyhill has helped a wide range of companies and communities make wise and strategically sound decisions that provide advantages for the long term.

At Greyhill, we pride ourselves on being transparent there are no hidden agendas or mysterious black boxes. We’re a stand-alone consultancy, not part of larger firm or umbrella organization. Your interests are our interests, period.

The Right Approach to Help You Reach Your Goals:

• Rigorous quantitative analysis.

Sure, we have opinions, but we arrive at them as the result of an objective analysis of the facts, balanced with our real-world experience.

• Embracing originality.

We value innovation and encourage our consultants to stretch their imaginationswe can always reel them back in. You’ll never push the envelope if you’re afraid to ask “What if …?”

• Trusting relationships, aligned interests.

Our clients are our partners in every facet of a project. Your success is our success. It is our goal to have you, our client, continue to benefit from our work long after the formal engagement ends.

• Clear, straightforward communications.

We strive to make the complex simple. We avoid consultant speak. We provide clear, step-by-step direction for what to do and exactly how to do it.

Greyhill’s senior partners are consultants with significant track records of success in economic development, site selection, and real estate. We’ve come together at Greyhill to make our unique approach and experience available to a wider set of clients.