Project GREEN – (Evansville IN)

Greyhill helps Southwest Indiana expand its presence in the energy sector  

Greyhill conducted a year-long, energy-focused industry study for the nine county Southwest Indiana region, anchored in Evansville, IN. Greyhill developed a proprietary supply chain model to define and segment the existing manufacturing base and profile its adaptability to emerging energy sectors.

After conducting an in-depth assessment, Greyhill was able to recognize appropriate industry targets as well as the region’s strengths in a variety of energy sectors. This effort culminated in the development of unique strategies for growing the energy cluster; Greyhill also took the lead in implementing those strategies. 

Under Greyhill’s management, Project GREEN achieved significant accomplishments:

  • A comprehensive cluster mapping process was developed to document and inventory the presence and clustering of energy companies in order to accurately identify likely industry targets in the region.
  • Key areas of strength and potential for new business growth were identified using supply chain data to track Southwest Indiana’s current base of manufacturers and determine their potential to sell into the emerging energy industry.
  • Greyhill’s approach identified unrealized opportunities in clean coal technology, nuclear and wind component manufacturing, and energy efficiency technologies.
  • Significant press and media attention was garnered for the client and Project GREEN, and an interactive website was developed to communicate Project GREEN efforts and facilitate ongoing involvement.
  • A critical mass of support was developed from public, private, and educational partners throughout the entire nine county region through Greyhill’s extensive public input process with key stakeholders, including the offices of Senator Richard Lugar, former Senator Evan Bayh, and Governor Mitch Daniels.
  • Cutting edge strategies and initiatives were crafted and approved to transform the regional economy and make Southwest Indiana an energy leader.

In addition to these achievements, Greyhill supported the client’s early implementation efforts, including developing buy-in from private sector partners, assisting in the formation of an organizational structure, and identifying funding streams to support Project GREEN on an ongoing basis.

These accomplishments are helping to make Southwest Indiana a recognized leader in the energy economy.