Corporate Site Selection

When business operations require a new facility, the most important decision you need to make is to choose the right location. Greyhill has decades of corporate site selection consulting experience, working with clients in aerospace and defense, automotive, oil and gas, information technology, renewable energy, and financial services.

Many factors feed into the site selection decision: the local economic climate, the available workforce, potential partners (and competitors) in the vicinity, and local regulations, taxation and incentive potential. Hiring site selection consultants allows the business to gain certainty and subject matter expertise. Greyhill adeptly manages the site selection process, leading clients through a complicated process with a clearly defined plan and goals. We work closely with our clients to deliver optimal results.

During a project, Greyhill will: 

  • Select and manage outside advisors.
  • Ensure project confidentiality through strict protocols.
  • Issue Request for Proposals (RFPs) and assess responses from states / communities / land owners / developers.
  • Evaluate incentive proposals for bottom line value.
  • Apply a robust analytical approach to compare competing locations and conduct site due diligence.

Greyhill's site selection consultants take a methodical and detailed approach throughout the site selection process. Our 3-phase process begins at a macro level with an assessment of candidate locations, proceeds with a detailed analysis of appropriate sites at shortlisted communities and concludes with negotiations and the selection of the final site. The process requires between four and nine months to complete, varying by project complexity and client requirements.

Phase I – Community Evaluation

Phase II – Site Analysis

Phase III – Negotiation and Final Selection