National site selection project for corporate client

Daniel Kah led a national site selection search for new corporate campus for ConocoPhillips. The campus will serve as a corporate campus for up to 7,000 employees working in energy research and development, employee training, and corporate offices. Throughout the course of the project, Daniel worked closely with C-level executives and real estate managers at ConocoPhillips.  The site selection search, acquisition, and initial entitlement process lasted for over three years.

Daniel helped the client to maintain confidentiality, acquire the desired site, and begin site development in a complicated political environment.  Project accomplishments included:

  • Developed search criteria, identified candidate communities, and narrowed choices to a short list using over 350 data points.     
  • Identified, vetted, and hired  local engineering and legal firms in short listed communities, issued RFP to economic development organizations, identified available incentives, and identified and narrowed specific real estate parcels.
  • Implemented and managed a strategy to maintain client confidentiality, including information sharing protocols and technology use.
  • Negotiated with a Fortune 200 company to acquire off-market property and relocate their operations, all while keeping client identity confidential
  • Identified unlisted real estate sites, outside of the economic development RFP and broker response, that included the two of three finalist sites.  
  • Significant positive press and media attention was garnered for the client, in a politically difficult location.
  • Significant support was developed from public agencies, state and local elected officials, and local community organizations throughout the region. 

In addition to these achievements, Greyhill supported the client’s initial development efforts, including identifying additional local contractors, beginning the entitlement process, and continuing detailed negotiations with state and local governments.