Far too often, consultants and clients end their formal relationship following the completion of the final document. Consequently, it is a universal truism (or at least a common complaint) of the planning industry that plans usually sit on shelves. Greyhill believes it is essential that the consultants that create a strategic plan be involved with jump starting its implementation. We therefore incorporate implementation into our scope of services in order to ensure that the project’s vision is accomplished.

Greyhill will often serve as a key facilitator of implementation, guiding the formation of networks and teams that have been leveraged and developed throughout the project. While ultimate implementation will vary from project to project, the following describes common steps that Greyhill is experienced in assisting our clients with:

  • Greyhill will work with the client to ensure that there is a clear understanding of steps required to move through successful implementation.
    • Metrics to gauge success and progress for each recommendation in the plan
    • Timeline for implementation of recommendations
    • Resources (time, money, staffing) required to successfully implement recommendations
    • Guidance on development of an organizational structure and approach to ensure successful implementation of the initiatives identified in the Plan
    • Opportunities for external funding to complete certain objectives prioritized within the plan

Greyhill will form implementation working groups to serve as action teams dedicated to implementing key strategies identified in the Strategic Plan. Working groups will be formed in the areas of Workforce, Business Development, Government and Public Policy, Marketing and Branding, etc.

  • Greyhill will work closely with the client to kickoff implementation, actions may include:
    • Establish governance, roles and responsibilities of the Economic Development Organization (EDO) or other client organization
    • Discuss initial action steps and confront any anticipated issues/obstacles
    • Meet with public officials as needed to facilitate/support key action steps
    • Meet with educational leaders and workforce providers as needed to facilitate/support key action steps

Greyhill often works with its clients on an ongoing basis to fulfill operational tasks identified in the Strategic Plan and other ongoing tasks including: actively marketing the community to target audiences on behalf of the community, identifying and helping to secure financing and development partners for community projects, assisting in public policy messaging, ongoing economic research, economic impact analysis and forecasting, and other tasks as required by our clients.